Technology Services

Systems, Software and Cloud infrastructure

Our capabilities to involve and performing systems & software security at our location or remotely rather than only consulting and putting the stress back onto organization shoulders. Provide day to day guides and solutions to run systems securely and in compliance manner. 

Our services including TaaS as below:

Systems & software security

Automation and Machine learning 

Cloud base solution

EPIC Consulting 

Performance and Functional testing 

SAST, DAST and IAST Testing

Vulnerability & Patch Management 

Network security


Data Entry Services

Our expert data entry personnel can provide swift and efficient applications your company needs. We can help you reduce your on-site employees and save money while providing the same level of service for your clients.


SQL/Oracle Database Services

Our expert DBA team can work remotely for your company as needed while providing database solutions through teleconferencing and email per your request.


Website Design Services

Our expert web design team will help to build your dream website with their expertise in PHP and ASP.NET building languages.